[Date: 5 Oct 2021]

What does Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s recent border announcement mean for people looking to migrate to or from Australia?

The last eighteen months have been difficult on all of us, but with international border control restrictions in place, it has been a particularly uncertain time for Australians who want to migrate or return home from America. 

We know that for many of our customers and clients, Scott Morrison’s recent announcement is much-anticipated news that could mean a welcome end to the delays and isolation caused by the pandemic. 

At the moment, there is still a travel ban for all non-resident and non-Australian citizens, and while exceptions can be requested, such as in the case of essential work or for compassionate or compelling reasons, it is not easy for people from other countries to enter Australia. 

A structured approach

On the first of October this year, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced details about the nation’s plan to enable Australians to get back to travelling the globe. Many countries worldwide are opening back up to international travel, and now there is a structured and staggered approach for this opening up to occur for Australians. 

The plan for reopening is in three parts, and as vaccination targets are reached, states will move from Phase B to Phase C of the plan, in which international travel will reopen safely to fully vaccinated Australians.

Australians returning home

When travelling Australians wish to return home from their international visits, they will be required to carry out home quarantine. The period for quarantine will be seven days for those who have an approved or recognised vaccine and fourteen days for those who are not vaccinated or who have had a vaccine not considered approved or recognised in Australia. 

New migrants coming to Australia

As restrictions ease, there will likely be more opportunities for new migrants to enter Australia from America, either as skilled workers or on a family visa. Testing for COVID-19 is likely to continue to be required on entry, but with new technology it will become quicker and easier to carry out. 

Individual state and territory regulations will also have an impact on testing and quarantine requirements. Some states, like Western Australia, have tougher border closures, while access is likely to be granted more readily to New South Wales and Victoria. 

Australians travelling to America

The announcement primarily relates to Australians travelling, and the processes that will be in place to enable them to do so. Travellers heading overseas may be asked to acknowledge that they have resources to support themselves should there be any delay or changes to travel plans as a result of the pandemic.

And while this plan does not yet cover general access for foreigners, the Australian Government has assured the community that it is working towards welcoming tourists and family visitors back to our shores as soon as possible. 

With these changes occurring quite quickly, and in line with state regulations, if you would like help to ensure legal and safe access or immigration into Australia or the United States, contact Zed Legal. 

With offices in both countries, we can provide the most up-to-date information and guidance about the application, lodgment, and processing of immigration and visa documentation. 

How can I seek further guidance on travel to or from Australia?

If you have any further queries in relation to our borders, please contact the Zed Legal team – [email protected] Alternatively, you can book an appointment with us at www.zed.legal/booking/

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