2021 Statistics for the E-3 Visa

[Date: 16 January 2022] As Australian borders have reopened, we are finding that queries for the E-3 visa are increasing. The E-3 visa is a work visa for Australian citizens to work in a “specialty occupation”. You can read more about the E-3 visa HERE. We have decided to take […]

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2018 Statistics for the E-3 Visa

[Date: 29 August 2019] At Zed Legal, we’ve been busier than normal answering questions about the E-3 visa. We thought we’d take the opportunity to delve a little deeper into this visa and undertake a statistical analysis of the 2018 data and hope that you find this beneficial. 1. Top […]

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Small Claims what?

Can I file in Small Claims Court? Small Claims Court is a special court where parties can resolve disputes cheaply and quickly and where the rules and procedures are simplified compared to traditional courts. A lawyer cannot represent a party in a Small Claims matter so parties appear in person […]

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